Kondiitrilett Opera, 0.9 m

Variable model line of showcases that can meet demanding requirements of quality and performance at a favourable price.

The showcases are suitable not only for shops and fast-foods outlets, but their compehensive concept is ideal for petrol stations, bakeries, confectioners, etc.

Wide rane of display cabinets in lenghts of 600, 900 or 1200, in standard (serve-over) or self-service versions and three types of glass desings – straight (slanted), curved or squared. Further it is possible to choose from three colour options (black, inox or chrome-mirror stainless steel).

Besides these cooling display cases, this model is also available in heated version.

Technical information:

Temp. range +2/+6 °C

Forced air circulation (all shelves at constant temperature)

Tempered double glass

Hinged front glass for easy cleaning

Adjustable height of the shelves with an option of tilting

Each shelf is equipped with LED light and ticket rail

El. control unit Eliwell

Motor-compressor Embraco-Aspera

Coolant R404A

Automatic defrost and evaporation

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Voltage 230V/50Hz

Models: Standard (serve-over), Open (self-service), Bake-off (non-cooled top shelf)

Tootekood: Kondiitrilett Opera, 0.9 m

2,804.40 sis. KM

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