Kondiitrilett GEORGIA CUBE II STATIC 1,0 m

Georgia CUBE Static belongs by its style and design to the Georgia range of products. This luxury cabinet is intended for the presentation and sale of sweet pastries, especially those filled by whipped cream, butter cream or custard, because cooling by forced air makes these products dry in short time. Static cooling by this cabinet provides perfect cooling for the entire display area of the showcase. Under each shelf is placed evaporator and cold air falls down naturally.
The whole display is a unique development achievement to allow this kind of cooling.
Under each glass shelf there is a fluorescent light which increases the attractiveness of the displayed goods. All glass panels (except glass shelves) are made of tempered and double glass.
For easy access, sliding doors are fitted in the back part; hinged curved front glass is designed for easy maintenance. The operation of the showcase is controlled electronically, including automatic defrosting.
Tootekood: Kondiitrilett GEORGIA CUBE II STATIC 1,0 m