Hakklihamasin TC 32 Colorado


Hakklihamasin TC 32 Colorado is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

– Powerful IP 55 insulated and fan-cooled motors for continuous use.

– Endless screw motor-reducer running in an oil-bath enables a long service life .

– Motor-reducer equipped with a double seal for long, trouble-free service.

– Convenient, no-tools head lock mechanism.

– Stainless steel mincing head carefully designed for high yeld production, completely removable for ease of cleaning.

– Feed tray provided with safety interlock CE versions.

– IP 54 protected, 24 V controls.

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– Interlock protection for more than 8 mm holes plates (An interlock protection system is required in order to utilize more than 8 mm holes plates).

– Partial or total Unger system mincing head.

– Plexiglass feed tray lid.

– Stainless steel IP 67 protected controls.

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400 mm


264 mm