Iseteeninduslett OHIO SELF-SERVICE 1,2 m

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This top table refrigerated display case OHIO  with built-in aggregate is intended for the presentation and sale of chilled food. There is an insulative doubleglass used on the front and side glasses to reduce the heat loss and reduce the dew-drops on the showcase. The doubleglass also reduce the electricity consumption of motor-compressor, shorten the period of its operation and thereby prolong life-time. All the glasses are tempered. This showcase is made of food stainless steel. The operation is controlled by electronic unit EVCO – the temperature range is +2 / +12° C. The cooling is static (evaporator is located at the top of the showcase), the defrosting of the evaporator is automatically followed by evaporation of condensate of safety reservoir. This showcase is available with the aggregate on the right or on the left side (seen from the back side). The display space of the showcase is equipped with two shelves and fluorescent lamp that is better for highlighting the displayed products. The easy access to displayed products allows the back sliding doors in the sell over model and the self-service model is equipped with the front hinged perplexes as well as the back sliding door.

Technical data

Dimensions: 1210x630x635 mm
Number of shelves: 2ks + bottom display plate
Temperature range: +2 / +12° C (at an ambient operating temperature +25° C and humidity 60% RH)
Refrigerant: R404a
Electrical voltage: 230V/50Hz
Electric power: 250 W
Weight: 55 kg

Tootekood: Iseteeninduslett OHIO SELF-SERVICE 1,2 m
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