Lauapealne kuumvitriin HOT SPOT 0,6 m

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Hotspot, a hot display case with a new modern design provides a unique advertising and display solution. A more and more demanding market requires this kind of display nowadays.
  • A modern design
  • An illuminated advertising area
  • A humidity control
  • Goods displayed under a suited illumination
  • A rugged and solid construction
Hotspot meets design with functionality. Its greatest feature is the humidity control. This allows heated food such as croissants, pies or other pastry products to be kept fresh looking and tasty within the heated cabinet.
Hotspot is the first display case of this type both display areas are illuminated by separate fluorescent tube lamps. This both shelves illumination greatly improves goods presentation, increasing the product’s sales volume.
Hotspot, a solid and sturdy construction guarantees money value and durability, for instance its sides panels are made of out of 2 mm thick stainless
Technical data
  • One dimension
  • Standard or self-service versions
  • Stainless steel or black finishing
  • Illuminated upper and lower shelves
  • Removable illuminated advertising panel
  • Regulation and set-up of the required humidity
  • Removable crumb tray for ease of cleaning
  • Temperature range +35 °C/+90 °C
  • Humidity range 5 %/55 %
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