Jäätisemasin STELLA

Easy to use, is the perfect ice cream maker to get professional results at home. Small, with a large bowl non-removable, stainless steel spatula and powerful and robust refrigeration system, the mini machine allows to reach professional performance without pre-cooling. Made of Stainless Steel, compact, attractive, it has a modern design and suitable for any room and kitchen.

Technical Sheet

Max ingredients capacity (L) 1,5

Bowl capacity (L) 3

Preparation time (min) 30/40

Dimension height, width, depth (cm) 31x51x35

Net weight (kg) 31

Power (W) 250

Paddle iduction motor (RPM) 76

Mechanic timer (min) 60

Standard current single phase 110/60 – 230/50

Refrigerant  R134A

Body Stainless Steel

Tootekood: Jäätisemasin STELLA

835.20 876.00 sis. KM

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